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Stevee Postman

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"My art explores the mystery of life and nature through its interconnectedness. I like to blend technology with the organic in ways that communicate these mysteries through a kind of techno-paganism. My creative process is a sort of prayer for me, an offering." His visionary work has developed a cult following. Stevee’s Cosmic Tribe Tarot has sold over 15,000 copies. His images have also appeared on Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart’s CD Superlingua, Rob Brezny’s book The Televisionary Oracle, magazine covers for Gnosis and Magical Blend, event images for four years of Mind States conferences, and calendar published by Soho Galleries. His images are created by taking initial photos, mixing, layering, and transmogrifying with Photoshop wizardry. In the introduction to The Cosmic Tribe Tarot, Eric Ganther describes Postman’s images as "synthesized from a variety of cultural traditions… Stevee is less interested in the written strictures of a particular path, preferring to let the images, liberated from their cultural moorings, speak for themselves. In this way he draws on the treasure trove of the world’s images." Stevee Postman lives in Portland, Oregon.

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