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Don Maitz

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Don Maitz is an acclaimed American artist known for his remarkable contributions to the fantasy and science fiction art genre. Born with an insatiable imagination in 1953, Maitz's artistic journey began early in his life, and his fascination with otherworldly landscapes and mythical creatures grew with every stroke of his paintbrush. A graduate of the Paier College of Art, Maitz went on to forge a prolific career, capturing the essence of epic tales and legendary figures through his vivid illustrations and dynamic compositions. His iconic creation, the character Captain Morgan, immortalized in the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum label, further solidified his position as a visionary artist. Over the years, Maitz's imaginative artwork has graced book covers, magazines, and gaming products, earning him multiple accolades and a dedicated following of fans. Through his extraordinary imagery, Don Maitz continues to transport audiences to enchanted realms, leaving a lasting impression on the fantastical art world.

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