By Rev. Samuel

A scan of the LSD Blotter Art Print Kali by Rev. Samuel

About this print

This Tripatourium.com brand Blotter Art print, Kali was done by Rev. Samuel. It is the 4th of thirteen prints in Rev. Samuel's "Opiates for the masses" series. The image is jam packed with iconography. Kali, also known as Kali Ma or Goddess Kali, is a powerful and revered deity in Hindu mythology. She is often depicted as a fierce and wrathful goddess, with multiple arms and a menacing appearance. Kali is associated with destruction, transformation, and the fierce protection of her devotees. Despite her fearsome image, she is also seen as a compassionate and loving mother figure. Kali represents the cycle of life and death, symbolizing the destruction of negativity and the emergence of new beginnings. She is worshipped for her ability to annihilate evil forces and grant spiritual liberation. Devotees seek her blessings for courage, inner strength, and liberation from attachments. Kali's significance extends beyond Hinduism, as she has become a symbol of feminine power and empowerment worldwide, inspiring individuals to embrace their inner strength and stand up against injustice.

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Print Specifications

  • : 12
  • : Friday, May 16, 2003
  • : Tripatourium
  • : 2
  • : 8x8 in
  • : 10x9 in
  • : Full color with foil seal 


  • : 250
  • : 187
  • : $34.99


  • : 300
  • : 100
  • : $24.99
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