Welcome to the Tripatourium

New code is being written & published this very moment, more to appear often

The story thus far ...

It was (just about) twenty years ago that I published my first blotter art series. I saw an H.R. Giger print and was spellbound. I printed my first series a few months later. It was amazing fun and I got to meet and work with some extremely talented folks. It just became increasingly cumbersome to deal with eBay and Google every few months to argue about the difference between a noun and a descriptive term. After hours of arguing, they would concede but NEVER note it in my file and we would do this dance again in another month or so.

In a field where much of the artwork is stolen, I was very proud of the fact that we licensed all of the artwork from the artists. Then I started to encounter folks on eBay knocking off my prints as shoddy replicas or as posters and eBays attitude regarding this was horrible. They would acknowledge the theft and stop just that one auction. They wouldn't refund the money to the people the scammer sold to or alert them that they purchased forgeries. On top of that the crook got to keep the money from the fake sales and just open a new auction. There was no risk or reason for them to stop.

So between moving, the room required to store and package the prints for sale, and life in general I decided to take a page out of the Wonka handbook and close up the factory for 20 years and so here we are. The sleeper has awakened and the vault is now opened.

Now thanks to NFTs and the blockchain we can offer digital authenticity to protect our community against con artists and theft. So I've begun to generate an NFT COA for all of my remaining signed prints as well as a few special others. Because I have to unpackage them, scan them, then repackage them, as well as generate the NFT it does take a bit to get them up but this is the process I have to keep so that each item is ready to be claimed as soon as the owner desires.

There aren't many of these prints remaining and again I'm only adding their NFT after it has been packaged and ready to ship. REMEMBER The NFT and the print are quantumly entangled and should not be considered separate items, they should always travel together.

All of the remaining signed prints will eventually be added, but like I stated above some numbers have already been sold.

We will add additional parts to the site to see current evaluations and if prints were claimed or destroyed. DYOR.