Frequently Asked Questions


  1. So what's on this? As in are there drugs on this?
    No this is a form of folk art known as LSD Blotter Art or Vanity Blotter Art.
  2. So there are no drugs on this?
    Correct, these are limited edition prints. You can eat them if you want but we prefer ours framed on the wall.
  3. How are Items Shipped?
    We ship via USPS insured with tracking.
  4. What happens if I own an NFT and select Destroy instead of Ship?
    The Print will be destroyed and it's destruction documented and linked to on our website. DYOR
  5. What is the NFT Worth? Is it worth as much as the print
    The NFT acts only as a COA that you own the print and any evaluation is for the print itself and NOT for the NFT. The NFT will reflect it's current state as Unclaimed, Claimed, or Destroyed.